Examination Procedures for Instructors

Exam Scheduling Form

Instructors need to provide information on the Exam Scheduling Form to schedule exams through the Continuing Education Facility Testing Center. 

Include the following:

  • who is administering the exam: either the instructor or the Testing Center;
  • Additional information for proctor letter (e.g., Fax answer sheets to (instructor’s fax number), then mail all exam materials in envelope provided)
  • number of exams to be given;
  • the week, or shorter range of days such as Monday through Wednesday if preferred, during which each exam should be scheduled for off-campus students;
  • time limits for each exam;
  • exam type (e.g., essay, short answer, multiple choice, true/false, matching);
  • exam restrictions (e.g., closed book, no notes, use of calculator or computer required or not allowed);
  • special instructions (examples may include whether score sheets or #2 pencils will be used); and  
  • materials needed (score sheets, essay booklets, scratch paper).

Using the Exam Scheduling Form

  • Log in to Athena with your Hawk ID and password and enter exam information under Manage Exams.
  • Select Schedule Exams.  This will bring up the Examination Scheduling page with your session and the course numbers and titles you are teaching.
  • Click the course title.
  • Complete Distance Education Administrative Support Examination Scheduling Form.
  • After completing the form, please click Submit Exam Schedule Request. Note that this page only works if your browser supports forms. If your browser does not support forms, please send an email to our office at dce-exams@uiowa.edu providing the required information. Please copy your course coordinator (email address on this page).

Students who do not submit exam registration forms are expected to take their exams in Iowa City at our Testing Center on the specified date unless the instructor informs the Continuing Education office that a make-up exam is allowed. 
For more information, instructors may also contact their assigned course developer, Scott Drake at scott-drake@uiowa.edu or Education instructors contact course developer, Kate Wissing at catherine-wissing@uiowa.edu.

Exam Schedule Results

The Exam Coordinator will schedule exam dates and times in room 201 CEF for local exams, and set exam registration deadlines.

Typically, local exams will be scheduled on Wednesdays, with some local testing on Mondays. Exams are usually scheduled to start at 5:30 p.m. New for Fall 2009 Exam Scheduling is our ability to schedule exams earlier than 5:30 p.m. during finals week. 
You may negotiate alternate dates and times if the times listed above do not meet your course needs. Please let us know as soon as possible if the assigned times must be rearranged as we will be posting this information in the exam information provided for your students in ICON. Every effort will be made to find a time as close to your requested dates as possible.

If an instructor changes exam dates after the exam dates have been posted on the ICON course home page exam widget, the instructor should contact the Exam Coordinator as soon as possible. Finding an opening in the exam schedule may be difficult after all the courses ending in EXW have had their exam schedules finalized.

Student Information & Make-Up Exams

An exam widget will be placed on your ICON course home page that links students to the exam information and registration forms, and shows the dates for both on-campus and off-campus exams and deadlines.  This widget also shows the deadline for off-campus students to submit exam registration forms.

 Local students who miss their scheduled exam time must have instructor permission to schedule a make-up exam.  Out-of-town students will be informed that they must register for an exam by the deadline or they will not be allowed to take the exam without prior approval by their instructor. Our office requires registration deadlines approximately ten days in advance of exam dates to allow time for verifying the appropriateness of the selected proctor and delivery time by postal mail.

Students enrolled in Guided Independent Study (GIS) courses can choose the date when exams will be taken, and should review the PDF iconExamination Information for GIS Students

Make-Up Exams

Only the instructor can give permission for a student to schedule a make-up exam; it may be open-ended in terms of a date or the instructor may specify a required date or range of dates (see Testing Center Hours for local testing). Students must get Instructor permission prior to scheduling make-up exams with our office.  To facilitate the process, instructors are asked to e-mail or call the Exam Coordinator at 335-2047 or dce-exams@uiowa.edu to grant permission. Instructors may also give blanket permission for groups of students.

Examination Information

Instructors must send exams no later than two weeks prior to the beginning of the examination week by email to the Exam Coordinator: dce-exams@uiowa.edu. If necessary, hard copies alternately may be sent to 250 CEF.

  • Out-of-Town Proctors: Exams are sent to approved proctors along with student information, instructions (including the postmark deadline to return the exam), and postage-paid return mail envelopes. 
  • Student Disability Services (SDS): Continuing Education will work with SDS to make arrangements for students who request accommodations.
  • Local Proctors: Our office will arrange for a local proctor and site and provide the proctor with the exams and rules for each exam.

On-campus students may not schedule themselves through Athena for exams. If they do, their exam registration will be cancelled and an email sent to both the student and instructor that their exam registration has been cancelled.  Instead, the student must contact their instructor for permission to take the exam at a different time and date. Permission requests must then be sent to dce-exams@uiowa.edu, and the student will call the Exam Coordinator at 319-335-2047 to schedule a make-up exam.

Receipt of Completed Exams

Receipt of completed exams is logged in on the student record, and then forwarded to the instructor for grading. Exams that are taken locally will be sent to the instructor by campus mail the business day following the exam unless prior arrangements are made with our office to send them elsewhere.  Exams that are mailed by proctors to our office will be collected and sent to the instructor as they are received. Instructors will be informed of students who did not sign-in for an exam for which they registered.

Exam Archival

After you grade the exams, you may choose to keep them on file yourself for one academic year, or you may return them to our office and we will store them in secure storage and shred them after one year.

Exam (Master Copy) Storage

If you choose, we will keep a master copy of each exam on file in secure storage in our office for use in subsequent sessions in which you offer the course.