If you are working with Adobe Connect, Blackboard Collaborate, UI Capture/Panopto, take a look at these tutorials.

Adobe Connect Professional (Virtual Classroom) Tutorials

Adobe® Connect™

Adobe Connect is an online web conferencing program which allows you to attend a virtual classroom. Because it uses Adobe Flash® technology, you need to have a Flash player installed on your machine as well as a working microphone and speakers. Although unnecessary for courses not using the video feature, a web cam is helpful and beneficial to learning.

If you use a computer in your workplace or in a public area you may need to consult with the computer support staff to install the software and microphone.

Connect allows you to teach and learn in real time and with its easy to use interface, it's an efficient method of teaching courses – and learning content – from a distance.

Tour of Adobe Connect meeting elements

Let's get started.

What You Need to Use Connect

  • Headset Microphone: does your microphone work as it should?
  • Windows Users: watch this short demo with instructions on how to check your microphone
  • Mac Users: using a Mac OSX computer, open System Preferences and the "Sounds" Control Panel. Some Mac computers require a USB microphone and a regular connection to headphones. In the "Sounds" Control Panel you can adjust the volume for input (microphones) and output (headphones or speakers). Web cam (not all courses utilize the video feature so verify that before purchasing a web cam) Adobe Connect Connection Test
  • Adobe Flash Player: Check to verify it's installed now. If it's not, download Flash Player.

Quick Start Training

Watch this short training module containing the basics of using Adobe Connect; this module should take approximately ten minutes to complete.

Next, follow these instructions to log in and configure your audio.

To log in to the class, use the link found either in ICON or sent via email. Normally to log in, you simply enter your name at the sign in screen and no password is necessary. If a password is required, you will be informed in advance.

More Connect Features

Getting ready to use Connect

Blackboard Collaborate (Virtual Classroom)

UICapture / Panopto​

Technical Support

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E-mail: dce-techsupport@uiowa.edu