The Division of Continuing Education has several facilities available to capture your course content.

Studio Space

This sound-enhanced studio space is available with onsite technical support for the recording of course content or Virtual Classroom sessions.


Continuing Education Classrooms

Several distance education ready classrooms are maintained for live and archived distribution of on-campus courses.

2O1 Continuing Education Facility (CEF)

Room Features:

  • 49 Seat Capacity
  • Tracking Camera System
  • Wireless Microphones for Faculty & Students
  • Multiple Monitors
  • Double Wide Whiteboard
  • Tablet PC Available

face front



107 North Hall

This 28-seat room can be used for simultaneous on-campus and virtual classroom course delivery. Other room configurations and capacities are currently available in 201 CEF, 204 CEF, N105 LC, and N186 LC with more on the way.

facing room

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Portable Equipment

Portable equipment can be checked out or setup in general assignment classrooms for lecture capture. Continuing Education staff sets up and monitors the systems for you. A typical system includes a wireless microphone, keyboard, mouse, and a tablet PC. The annotation feature of the tablet PC makes it possible to add enhancements to your presentation in real time.