The Instructional Development (iDev) Group is a team of individuals essential to the delivery of successful distance education.

Instructional and Faculty Support Coordinators

This is your first line of support, your coordinator helps create your ICON site and assist with student-related issues such as enrollment and exam coordination. 

Instructional Designers

Our group of Instructional Designers consult with you regarding teaching strategies, development options that best fulfill the course objectives, and assist in course layout.

Application and Media Professionals

Our media and web production professionals work with you to put the technology in place to capture your course content in an effective and dynamic manner. 

Library Services

The Continuing Education Librarian can help make your course more successful and connect you to:

  • Custom resource guides for your individual class or assignments
  • Tutorials or library instruction sessions through virtual classrooms or other technologies
  • The best databases, e-books and other research sources for what you teach
  • Direct links to article, book chapters and other material
  • Introductions to UI subject expert librarians
  • Copyright advice


Our Marketing Department works with you to develop a marketing plan that targets audiences for your new course, both within the university and to other institutions and organizations. Contact Maureen McCormick at maureen– for more information.

Administrative Support

Continuing Education offers administrative support to academic departments in the following ways:

  • If a course is new, the department must submit a course approval form to the Registrar’s office.
  • Once the course is approved, the department enters the course, title and number of the new course into the MAUI system. During this process Continuing Education will:
    • Provide help and support, as well as
    • Review the course information on MAUI for accuracy and send the information to the Registrar's office for listing on MyUI.