Instructional and Faculty Support Coordinators are the first line of support for all Continuing Education course–related issues.

Coordinator can:

  • Advise on best practices for distance course delivery
  • Work with departments to ensure Continuing Education courses in MyUI/MAUI information system are listed properly
  • Advise and identify faculty training on use of ICON
  • Assist with student related issues such as enrollment and special permission
  • Coordinate exams, help with set up of online exams on ICON, and arrange for proctored exams via CE Exam Services
  • Schedule Continuing Education media specialists to train on use of lecture capture and virtual classroom software
  • Schedule and monitor production of course media i.e. lecture recording, virtual classroom scheduling and video conversion
  • Work with Lead Instructional Designer assigned to your course to implement teaching strategies to achieve course objectives
  • Submit book information to bookstores