Instructional Designers (IDs) improve educational content by:

  • Working with faculty
  • Developing objectives and ensuring content matches those objectives: is it a learning want or a learning need?
  • Structuring content and activities for student learning
  • Helping create media to support learning (e.g., audio, images, video)
  • Developing assessments/practice activities
  • Adapting instructional materials to another delivery method (for example, adapting materials from face-to-face classes to ICON)
  • Consulting on engaging learning activities or better practice activities

Services Include:

  • Review of course objectives
  • Survey and recommendation of pedagogy
  • Review of evaluation to support objectives
  • ICON support
  • Development of media for online delivery

Services Do Not Include:

  • Content authoring, including creation or population of test banks, and/or practice activities
  • Identification of readings
  • Office support (e.g., photocopying)
  • Student grading

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